Crochet Disney Piglet Dishcloth 迪士尼豬仔廚房抹布

Recap from my previous post, I got 2 orders for a customer in one go! In the last post, I’ve shared the first order which is a Piglet Beanie. In this post, I am going to share with you the second order, which is a little piglet dishcloth.

It’s very easy to do the cloth part. Just start with a magic ring and make 6 single crochet in it. Keep adding stitches in the next round until you reach the size you want.

After that, I do the piglet face. Start from magic ring, use single crochet and half double crochet to shape the face.

Then add the ears.

Sew the piglet face onto the cloth.

Embroider the eye brows, eyes, nose and mouth. It’s done!

The 2 orders are ready to sent out! Thank you for the order!

Do you want to crochet this cute dishcloth yourself? Here I have written a pattern for you all!

jmART free crochet pattern:

Crochet Disney Piglet Dishcloth Free Pattern 迪士尼豬仔廚房抹布免費鉤織圖

Free feel to make one for you and your friends! Share with me your work~

Hope you enjoy my post~