Amigurumi Collection – Sumikko Gurashi

The Collection:

Have a closer look at each of my handmade amigurumi of Sumikko Gurashi.Using the perfect color of yarn from Japan, this is my latest crochet collection.

The whole collection is crocheted by me without any patterns. I did it all by looking at just an image. I am so surprised and contented how they turned out and because of them, I am connected to more and more crocheters around the world.

Life in the corner is so comfortable and relax!

It was a very contented experience to crochet all these lovely Sumikko free-hand by myself. This is also my very first attempt of pattern writing for an amigurumi collection!
handmade by jmart

What are they?

They are a collection of lovely little characters by San-X. There are two types of them, “Sumikko" the main characters, and “Minikko” the side characters. They are all good friends who love to spend time together at the corner.

The Sumikko

Shirokuma - Shy Polar Bear

Penguin? - Actually a Kappa

Tonkatsu -Fried Pork Cutlet Edge

Neko - Chubby Calico Cat

Tokage - Aquatic Dinosaur

The Minniko

Every Sumikko has a Minniko as its best friend. Check out the friendship and story behind them here.

Free Crochet Pattern

Having received so many positive feedback and compliment from my fans and followers. I am sharing these crochet patterns for FREE to express my thankful heart to all your supports on my amigurumi creation. 

The Sumikko

The Minikko