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My story

My name is JM, a DIY lover (and recently a crochet and yarn addict) from Hong Kong.

I learnt to DIY when I was in kindergarten. Credits to my mom who loved to make hair accessories for me with cute beads and I was deeply inspired by her work. She taught me how to form different shapes with threads and rubber band and I was obsessed with it. 

I was then exposed to various types of DIY throughout my childhood and youth life. I did sand painting, bracelet knitting, beads doll making, origami, cross stitches, paper quilling etc.

I enjoyed creating products from raw materials a lot and I felt so fulfilled when sending my DIY products as gifts for my family and friends. I was in loved with DIY since then.

In 2006, I encountered crochet (amigurumi in japanese) in a local yarn shop. Since then, I was eager to find out more about the skills and techniques on books and blogs. I began to develop my own crochet products and the compliments from the public was overwhelming!

Crochet has been the most “invent-able” form of art I have ever learnt which I can make almost anything with just a hook and yarn.

Today, I am still exploring different possibilities in crochet, from making cute plush to personal wearables, from customising producta for couples to babies.


Thanks to all the crafters which has actively or passively enriched my craft knowledge and fueled my passion in art. I am more than happy to share my joy and learnings in my DIY journey, as well as my exploration in different form of art.


Happy HandMade - JM