Sumikko Gurashi Amigurumi Dinosaur Crochet Free Pattern

Sumikko Gurashi Dinosaur In Japanese, this little creature is named as とかげ (tokage), which means lizard. You may wonder: why do you write it as Dinosaur? There is a story behind it. It is actually an aquatic dinosaur but it usually poses as a lizard because it is afraid of being captured. He was separated from his mother and […]

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Sumikko Gurashi Amigurumi Penguin? Crochet Free Pattern

Sumikko Gurashi Penguin? For many of the Sumikko fan must know, Penguin?, with the question mark, is the name of this little green life creature. Penguin? (ぺんぎん?) resembles a green penguin, but is unsure if it is really one because it has read a lot of penguin book but none of them are in green. […]

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