TSUMTSUM Olaf Amigurumi Set Unbox 鉤織 tsumtsum 雪寶材料套裝開箱

Disney Amigurumi TsumTsum Boxset Issue 18: Olaf Unbox!

迪士尼TSUMTSUM鉤織雜誌材料套裝 日版第18期 雪寶(港台中文版第38期)開箱!

3 colors of yarn in the pack: White, Brown, Bright Orange


Be reminded to add the stick on top of the head when the body part is half done. It would be hard to deal with it when you have finished and closed the whole body.


For the mouth part, it is similar to Eeyore but a bit more difficult as you will have to sew two  little pieces on the face to make the mouth. Position and stuff well before sewing to get a better shape.


After adding the face details, it’s done. Yay!


Hope you enjoy my post.



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