TSUMTSUM Piglet Amigurumi Set Unbox 鉤織 tsumtsum 豬仔材料套裝開箱

The TSUMTSUM CROCHET ISSUE 7 is featuring Winnie the Pooh’s best friend, Piglet.
第七期的 TSUMTSUM 是維尼熊的好朋友–豬仔。



In this pack of yarn, there is a new kind which is a sparkling one. As you may see on the photo above, it looks the same as the other yarns. However, when I started to crochet with it, it is not as elastic as the other yarns. And most importantly, it is a little bit thinner which makes each stitch looser. Therefore, every time when we change to the sparkling yarn, we have to make a tighter stitch so there will not be space in between each stitch.


Actually Piglet is quite easy to crochet without any complicated details to add on. Apart from the special yarn I just mentioned, there is another part we need to handle carefully, that is changing yarn. Throughout the whole crochet process of Piglet, we have to keep changing from different pink yarn. We have to pay attention to the interchanging stitch. When we attach another yarn, we have to make sure the right color is showing at the front. If not, the interchanging point will be exposed and makes the circle imperfect. I am working on this hard too.


Hope you enjoy my TSUMTSUM PIGLET~