TSUMTSUM Dumbo Amigurumi Set Unbox 鉤織 tsumtsum 小飛象材料套裝開箱

Here comes the 8th TSUMTSUM – Dumbo!

It is the set that I have long been waiting for. Honestly I did not watch the movie at all and I can’t tell the story behind Dumbo, but it is definitely one of the cutest and most difficult box to get in bookstores (it was sold out in many places). I am so lucky to get one 🙂

說實在,我沒有看過小飛象電影,亦不知道小飛象是怎麼的一個故事,我就是覺得它是最可愛的 tsumtsum 系列之一。而且要買到它真的很難很難,多少書店都說已經無貨,我能得到一隻真的是很幸運啊 🙂

There are 3 special parts on Dumbo: the flying ears, the nose, and the little hat. You can see them from the photo below. They are not difficult to crochet, but they requires some efforts to attach them onto the body, especially for the ears. You will have to insert the ears into the long hole leaves for them by special sewing.

小飛象有 3 個比較特別的部分,也就是牠的最大特徵:象鼻,大耳朵和小帽子。鉤織的針法容易也不花時,但鉤好後縫上身體就得花點時間及心機。特別是那對大耳朵,要好好攝入在身體上預開的長洞,需要按照指示慢慢接合。

You see Dumbo is flying ~



And my sis put it in a Styrofoam pool to play, isn’t it cute 🙂


Blow blow~~
Hope you enjoy my post~