Crochet Rooster for Chinese New Year 鉤織雞年匙扣

2 years ago, I started to crochet Chinese Zodiac for the Chinese New Year. From Sheep to Monkey, and Rooster for the coming year!

Making rooster is simple and quick. With one small and one big crochet balls sewing together, it become the body.

Then add all the tiny details, crest, beak, eyes, hands and feet. A cute little rooster is born!

And it’s so easy and fast made that I have made one big and one small with different yarn weights.

Putting together with the little yellow chick that I made in previous Easter.

Aren’t they look like a family?

And it’s looking good to be a keychain or a decoration on your rucksack.


Ready to be delivered~ Have fun in new home, little roosters!

Happy Chinese New Year of Rooster Everyone!

Hope you enjoy my post~