Crochet Letter Cards with Paper Yarn (with free online pattern)

After crocheting the Wayuu Bag and the Kiss Lock Bag with paper yarn, honestly my fingers are all fatigue. Paper yarn is really a love and hate material. I love it for its strong and natural texture, and I hate it for its roughness that make it so tiring to crochet with.

With the small amount of paper yarn left over from the previous paper yarn projects, I plan to make something small. Hopefully my hand will feel better with a smaller item.

It was a random idea to try crocheting letters with paper yarn. I tried to crochet letters years ago with lace yarn. It was too loose and soft. 

With paper yarn, the outcome was unexpectedly cool. The alphabets are in good shape with the thickness and firmness of paper yarn.

What would you do with the letters? My idea is to make some small greeting cards for my colleagues as a little farewell gift.

The Crochet Letter Greeting Cards

Let's have a look at what I have made!

1. I crocheted the letter and sewed it on a paper card.

2. Give K a word. It was originally for a name that starts with K, but instead of making it so 'old-school', I'd rather think of a word with meaning that starts with Letter K. And my choice is KINDLE.

3. Write a motto with the selected word along the edge of the card.

Crochet Letter Card K

Crochet Letter: K

Choice of word: KINDLE

Motto: To kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to success.

The crochet letter card is done! It just look perfect as a little greeting card.

And below are some more Crochet Letter Cards I have made.

Crochet Letter Card S

Crochet Letter: S

Choice of word: SPARKLE

Motto: Sparkle you life and shake the glitter.

Crochet Letter Card J

Crochet Letter: J

Choice of word: JUMP

Motto: Jump high and hard with intention and heart.

Crochet Letter Card H

Crochet Letter: H

Choice of word: HALO

Motto: Life is a luminous halo.

And I gave them a simple packaging before sending out to my lovely colleagues. They all feel special and happy to receive such a tailor-made gift. I am more than happy to see the smiles on their faces.

What do you think about my Crochet Letter Greeting Cards? I think it is quite a good idea to say thank you or express any gratitude to your colleagues, friends and families. It could also be a good gifts for kids in schools or parties.

You can try to make your own with the free crochet letter pattern from Moogly:

Do you have any other ideas of what to make with the crochet alphabets? Comment to let me know 🙂