Crochet Knee Warmer 鉤織保暖護膝

Autumn has come and winter is coming. However, it would be so warm if you have a caring friend send you a tailor-made gift just to keep you warm from the freezing weather.

I am actually referring to my customer of this crochet order. When she first approached me, I was quite curious about the usage because knee warmer is something more about physiotherapy rather than causal use like leg warmer. After some conversations, I learnt that it is specially for a friend who is a bicycler in Beijing. As you ride on the bicycle, your knees will be the very front most part that face against the strong wind. So, a knee warmer is more suitable than a leg warmer.  

The customer has requested specifically on the color choice, which is a mixture of greenish and brown. And this is what I choose for her.

Another special request is that the warmer has to be a button-up open warm. The purpose is to make it easily worn without taking off the long snow boots in the middle of the street. 

90% done….What’s left?

It’s the border. It looks a lot better with a little flowery edge, isn’t it?

This is how it looks on the knees. How’s that?

Thank you for the order! And most importantly, I am always more than thankful to have customer who show trust and appreciation along. Thank you so much!

Hope you enjoy my post~