TSUMTSUM Arie Amigurumi Set Unbox 鉤織 tsumtsum 美人魚材料套裝開箱

Disney Amigurumi TsumTsum Boxset Issue 11: Arie

迪士尼TSUMTSUM鉤織雜誌材料套裝 日版第11期 美人魚(港台中文版第24期)



Altogether 7 colors of yarn in the pack: Red, Nude, Yellow, Pink, Green, Dark Green, Violet



Some tips before you start crocheting:

1. Study the nose park first because it is made when you crochet around the magic ring. It is not a separated nose to be attached to the face.

2. You will keep changing yarn when you crochet body part. It will be quite obvious to see the changing point if you fail change yarn nicely. 

Be reminded to change color in the LAST stitch of Color 1 INSTEAD OF the FIRST stitch color 2, i.e. final yarn over and pull through with the new color.



  1. 緊記鼻的部分是在鉤臉時一併鉤出的,而不是獨立鉤成再縫上去的!(我差點犯了這個錯)
  2. 美人魚的換線情況比較多,若不小心處理,很容易會看到換冷的穿崩位。記得要在轉色前的一針(顏色1) 就要換線,而不是在顏色2開始的第一針才換啊! 即在顏色1尾針引拔時就要換上顏色2。

Hope you enjoy my post.




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