Crochet 100Most TVMost Buddy 鉤織100毛TVMost Buddy

For those who are not in Hong Kong, you may not know what it is. This is not a cartoon from me, this is a media icon from TV Most. That’s why it is called TV Most Buddy. And this time, I am trying to turn it into a amigurumi plush.

行書展行年宵都見到呢隻 TV Most Buddy,我又被挑戰,嘗試用鉤針把它鉤出來。


I started it off from the feet. Crochet the 2 feet separately and join them by single crochet. After joining, keep doing single crochet to do the body, hand and head part.


Add the face by embroidery and it’s done.


Crochet without pattern challenge completed!



Hope you enjoy my post~