TSUMTSUM Goofy Amigurumi Set Unbox 鉤織 tsumtsum 高飛材料套裝開箱

The 9th Edition of TSUMTSUM AMIGURUMI set is Goofy.

第 9 期 tsumtsum 是高飛~

Seeing so many different colors from the pack made me so excited because sometimes it would be quite boring to keep crocheting with just a single tone of color, like the last one Dumbo and the earlier Marie =P

除了知道牠是狗,我對高飛沒有甚麼印象,亦不大喜歡。不過這個鉤織套裝令我對高飛印象加分,全因為那顏色之多,有白藍肉綠橙黑六色毛線,令整個鉤織的過程更添色彩~~  早前的小飛象和瑪莉貓,幾乎是單色的身體,鉤織起來實在是有點沉悶。

Supplies from the box set

Crocheting the face of Goofy is similar to Mickey’s. And before I read the pattern, I thought the nose and mouth parts are going with the face. But it’s not. It’s another crochet oval piece that attached onto the face, with fillings to make the mouth stand out.


 The three straight hair on Goofy’s head is cute but they are really hard to make. Instead of yarn, I am supplied with a strong thick string to attach with. I’ve overlooked that I should tie the string with a knot inside the body and I realized it after I closed the stitch of the body. So, I have to do it from outside by making a knot first before attaching it to the body and pulling hard to make the knot pass through the stitches so that it will be hidden inside the body.

頭上豎起的三條毛,是這隻高飛的亮點之一。不過,真的不易處理。材料包提供了一條硬身的尼龍線,其質地使它能堅挺地直立在頭上。可笑是我忘了要先把它打結,並從 tsumtsum 的身體內部鎖定。當我發現時,已經用棉花實滿了身體,尾巴都縫合好了。只好把線從外而入,猛力把結從外往內拉,穿過兩針之間,就能鎖定線的位置。

The last challenging part is Goofy’s hat. Comparing to the one on Donald Duck’s hat, you can see the hat is so stylish and lively with a crater like shape on the top of the hat. How to create such a crater?



It’s by pulling again! By attaching a separate yarn at the top of the hat, then sew one stitch and pull it downward inside the hat, the stitch will go downward and form such a crater. If the shape is not obvious enough, pull it over and and over again. It took me several times to make too.



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