Crochet Design Chocolate Birthday Cake Gift Box 自家設計鉤織朱古力生日蛋糕禮物盒

 Here I gonna share with you an earlier design in late 2016, which is a birthday cake gift box.

This is my first post in 2017 and, this is going to be my first bilingual entry too!!
Noticing the high demand and interest from worldwide, I realised that writing in Chinese cannot bring benefits to the crocheters in the world but disappointment (as they were eager to know more about my work but no way to).
Therefore, I decided to write in both Chinese and English. I hope that can keep my original intention to promote this DIY to the locals, at the same time share the work and ideas with all the amigurumi fellows.

This is designed for my dearest’s birthday. For some reasons, it’s not possible for me to present a real birthday cake on his birthday. So, it’s a turnaround for the celebration 🙂
You can search out and find many different kinds of cake patterns. However, none of them is like what I wanted. Combine and design your own pattern is the way out! It’s never too difficult, if you have enough time and patience to trial and error. Well, I would take it as enjoyment 🙂
網上有很多不同的鉤織蛋糕圖,但都不是我心目中所想的。最簡單直接的方法,就是將現有合適的抽出來,在配合自己的針法和設計,創造出新的圖稿。或許聽起上來很難,但只要你有時間和耐性去嘗試,就能夠探索出不同的可能性,這也是我所享受的 🙂
Little Piggies as Icing Decorations on the cake
I want to give a better use case than just an ordinary cake plush. Why not make it filled with some little gift instead of cotton filling? It’s a really surprising design for the receiver when he thought his present is just this handmade cake. Who knows there’s something more inside!
But it’s very challenging and time-consuming to make it a gift box. I have underestimated the effort to make both the cake base and the top cover firm enough to support and stand like a box.


The cake is not stuffed! It can be used as a gift box~

– Prepare thick cardboard as well as fibre and sew them tight onto the piece.

– Use transparent threads for sewing to hide stitches.



– 用厚卡紙和不織布縫在蛋糕內作托底

– 用透明線縫合可輕易把針跡隱藏
Get a bakery box, put it inside and present the surprise 🙂
完成後,用一個蛋糕盒入好再端上,壽星一定會很驚喜吧 🙂