Crochet Hokkaido Dog with Gold Ingot 鉤織金元寶北海道犬

It’s the 3rd year that I crochet Chinese Zodiac for the Chinese New Year. From Sheep to Monkey, Monkey to Rooster, this year it would be dog!

It looks so cute already with just the head and body. Probably I can make it a baby toy if I extend the body and make it a holder.

Sew the legs on it carefully to make it stand.

Add the hands onto it with any gesture or posture you like your dog to have.

Style 1: Do a long chain stitch and add onto the neck to make it a scarf.

Style 2: Make a ribbon using the long chain stitch.

As Chinese New Year is coming soon! I crocheted a Gold Ingot without any pattern and put on the dog’s hand. It’s now a ‘sending blessings and wishes’ dog which is a traditional festive decor for Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!