Sumikko Gurashi Amigurumi Penguin? Crochet Free Pattern

Sumikko Gurashi Penguin? For many of the Sumikko fan must know, Penguin?, with the question mark, is the name of this little green life creature. Penguin? (ぺんぎん?) resembles a green penguin, but is unsure if it is really one because it has read a lot of penguin book but none of them are in green. […]

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Crochet Cactus Free Pattern 仙人掌免費鉤織圖

Materials: Yarn: Green (for Cactus) Fluffy Brown (for Soil) Beige (for Plant Pot) Shrimp (for Pant Pot) Pink (for Flower) Crochet Hook: I used 7/0 here but any hook that fit your yarn would do Yarn Needle: for sewing the parts together Abbreviations (US terms): sl st – slip stitch ch(s) – chain(s) sc – single crochet hdc – […]

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Crochet Summer Bucket Hat with Paper Yarn with Free Online Pattern

Hello everyone! I have just returned from the blossom paradise of Japan, Hokkaido~ This is my long awaited trip because I am a fan of lavender and other flowers field. To get prepared for the superb scenic journey under big sunshine, I crocheted myself a Summer Bucket Hat to protect myself from the strong sun.

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